Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Old Newcastle Police Station "the Lock Up"

I finally made it to the the old Newcastle lock up. The Lock up was built over 150 years ago as a police station and if you look around the cells and the excerise yards not much has changed since then. It's still dark, cold and pretty miserable.
You walk into the foyer where at one time this area was used and called the charge room, prisoners would  be brought in and charged with one or more convictions.
The docks is where the prisoner were measured, photographed and charged before being placed in the cells prior to sentencing by the magistrate.
There was 2 excerise yards, one for the males and one for the females,  and 7 cells, 1 cell was a padded cell  but unfortunately they forgot to pad the floor and someone did commit suicide in that cell.
I did ask the lovely lady who volunteers there about how many death was known while being in custody, she only new of 2 but was not certain.

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