Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introductory Investigation and Investigation Packages

Hunter Paranormal Australia is offering all types of  Paranormal investigations to EVERYONE who is interested,  the locations are in the Newcastle area and will not be disclosed till we meet at a certain place before going to the place we will be investigating..
The cost of these investigations do vary and part of the proceed go towards the restoration of pioneer cemeteries, local history society etc.
Please understand that paranormal investigating is like fishing, you can bait the hook but that doesn't mean you'll catch any thing.
Our Mission Statement say's it all for us "Research, Investigate, Scientific Evaluation, Educational Presentations and Papers relating to History and Paranormal Phenomena with in Australia".
We take each investiagtion seriously and we will not be suggestive or dramatic, what ever will happen will happen.

If interested in joining us one evening please checkout our webpage to get all details.

All skeptics are welcome to be involved with Hunter Paranormal Australia

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