Monday, November 14, 2011

What's been going on!!!!

Hunter Paranormal Australia has been busy, busy, busy, were to start.

I have a team of people that have wanted to join me on this journey that i have began, we are currently doing private investigations, public investigation and have been to some well know historical venues i.e. Maitland Gaol, The Macquarie Arms Hotel in Windsor, just to a few.

The private investigations have definatley been amazing, the evidence we have gathered, experiences we have shared.
The public investigations have been a blast, we have met so many people and have had a wonderful time teaching them how to use some of the equipment.
Some of our new friends have caught some great photo's, had personal experienced but most of all had a chance to participate in an investigation.
Others have had a chance to face some fears, learnt how to debunk some experiences. But the best thing is, everyone has had a wonderful time visiting all different locations. We have been to old pioneer cemeteries to the beach, and even to a park area were there once was a cemetery, they did remove the headstone but they left the bodies behind.

Gee we have even been in the local newspaper, as i said busy, busy!

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