Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Happening So Far With Hunter Paranormal Australia

Ok, Were to start..... mmm

Joz i s building our web page, BIG thank you to Joz, can't wait to see the fisrt page.
I have given Joz my wish list and so far she hasn't said that any of my wacky ideas are not going to happen, I am so computer e literate, it's not funny...lol

Linzi is busy, busy , busy researching our local history, our area has so much history and many stories, it is quite hard to stay on track.  I know when I start to research one thing lead to another and next minute I am reading something so interesting that I have gone completely off track and heading down a complete different road... lol
Thank god for Linzi., she'll be able to keep the information flowing....lol

We'll keep you posted with what is happening through our blog, facebook page, FB community page and Twitter..

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